People on the verge of going to AOU 2008 today I want to know Attention Points That's it

Although I introduced various booths exhibiting at AOU 2008, it is from 10 o'clock on February 16 today that ordinary people can enter. So, we will raise a few points of attention that you felt as infiltrating the business day, so please refer to those who are going to participate.

Details are as below.· There are coupons that can be used on the official website.

AOU official websiteThen, if you print out and bring it, the entrance fee of 1000 yen (elementary school student and under and 60 and over are free) will be 700 yencouponthere is. There is no way to miss this.

· Booths that receive gifts after trial is super crowded

Even though AOU 2008 is a game that attracts even more attention this time, there are multiple booths that can receive gifts when going on a test and you can have a tremendous matrix. People who have the intended gifts may be unable to get what they want without hurry as they enter, please be careful.

Square Enix 'gift for a special card limited at the venueLord of Vermilion". For business day I needed a numbered ticket to play, but distribution was already finished in the afternoon. People who want limited cards recommend that you go first if you enter.

CaveIn addition to the flash plate which you can get when you play "Angry Princess Beast Revival", there is a skeleton doll that you can get medal gun shoe "Pirates of Capsule". The flash plate was lost soon.

Capcom's "Fate / unlimited codeYou can receive an original mouse pad when you play.

· People who intend to play should prepare for food and drink

The opening hours of AOU 2008 are from 10 o'clock to 17 o'clock, 7 hours, people like from the beginning to the end will have to take it without taking water and food, so you will be unable to enjoy the game very much. Even though food is sold at the venue once, congestion is expected because it is installed with a rest space. It might be helpful to prepare rice balls and sandwiches that can be easily eaten in advance.

In the hall, curry and fried noodles are sold. By the way, the price of PET bottle drinks in the hall is expensive, 200 yen.

· Popularity rankings need checking

At AOU, questionnaires were conducted for visitors to each game, and on the first day (business day)Popularity ranking already announcedIt is being done. The top is a stupid "Street Fighter IV", but games ranked in the other ranks are expected to have longer matrices. It is safe for those who have more than one who wants to play in ranking top games, clearly priorities within themselves.

In AOU 2008 this time, it is expected that there will be considerable congestion due to abundance of eyeball titles. People who participate please take good care and have fun.

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