McDonald's rich cream sauce "Mushroom cream shrimp fleo" Tasting review

I bought McDonald's "Mushroom cream shrimp Fireo" on sale for a limited time from February 8 (Friday). It was a mushroom cream sauce on top of the shrimp fleo and it was a perfect warming menu in cold weather.

Review from below.
Mushroom cream shrimp Fireo

I bought it.

The contents are slightly offset.

Open the upper buns. Mushroom cream sauce is sticky.

Below is the same as normal shrimp fleo.

Sectional view.

The mouthfeel of shrimp and the mouthfeel of mushrooms also overlap and there is a considerable eating response. The mushroom cream is quite tasty and it is compatible with fry. If the amount of cream is a little more I should say it.

Mushroom cream shrimp scratch card comes with buying flyo.

It was a C prize. It seems that you can buy a mushroom cream shrimp Fireo for 250 yen. The coupon is the same as the one posted on McDonald 's website and its expiration date is a bit longer.

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