The strongest home theater environment exceeding 600 million yen "Kipnis Studio Standard"

I see someone who is building various surround audio environments such as 5.1 ch or 7.1 ch, but is not it so far that an extreme home theater environment has not been found so far? This is the system named "Kipnis Studio Standard". It has exceeded the level saying that it is making it anymore, it has been sublimed to a level that can not be managed easily in both amount and system, the amount is 6 million dollars (about 640 million yen)

The whole picture of the room is from below.
Audio Video Interiors: The Greatest Show on Earth!

Patterns sticking to not only sound but also lighting

It is not such a problem that it is no longer thorough

The official website is below. Please be careful as sound will come out no matter which page you go.

The Kipnis Studio Standard

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