"Huge castle" and "Humble house" If you buy the same price, which one do you buy?

Purchasing your own home, my home is a pretty big event, so if you buy anything it's humanity to want to buy anything of value. It is best if the value does not diminish if possible.

So, let 's think about "huge castle" and "humble house", which one you should buy for the same price.
· South African Castle: 500 thousand dollars (about 51.65 million yen)
Armor, advanced security, complete golf course. There is also a beautiful lake on the side.

· One room in San Francisco: $ 500,000 (approx. 51.65 million yen)
It is possible to look at the Bay Bridge.

· French castle: 500 thousand dollars (approx. 51.65 million yen)
It is a castle built in the 19th century and has five bedrooms. Flowing river, garden, sauna and swimming pool.

· House located in Downey on the outskirts of Los Angeles: 500 thousand dollars (about 51.65 million yen)
Four bedrooms. Weeds, dead trees, with hose to wind water.

In addition we can compare various castles and homes of the same price on the following pages.

Colossal Castle or Humble Home? Same Price? Your Choice: DivineCaroline

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