Google's huge database Open source clone of BigTable "Hypertable"

A database supporting Google's huge search system etc.BigTableIsWriting is 700 MB per second, reading is 18 GB per secondIt seems that there is a project called "Hypertable" that creates a clone of it. The version has already reached "0.9 Alpha" on February 4th this year, and seems to be drawing attention from people who are considering a huge distributed database.

Details are as below.
Hypertable: An Open Source, High Performance, Scalable Database

Download from below. The installation method etc. are written in the included text file.

Download Hypertable

Actual test results etc. are written below.

PerformanceTestAOLQueryLog - hypertable - Google Code

Experimental results using AOL's search dataset of 28 million lines marked a write speed of 7 MB per second per node, and when loading data once read and reloaded, it got about 1 million cells per second That's right.

In addition, regarding the BigTable that became the basis of this "Hypertable", the explanation of the following site is easy to understand.

Steps to phantasien t (2006-09-11)

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