5 tips to keep on dieting

Even if we continue dieting, it is a common story that we stop quitting at some opportunity. However, it is also reality that you can not diet because you are doing such a thing. And again, I returned to the beginning, I rebound, I regret and resume ... I did not last long ... To the negative spiral of ... ....

That's why I found "five tips to keep on dieting" so I will introduce it. Perhaps it will be successful.

Details are as below.
5 Ways to Pick up the Exercise Habit Again - Lifehack.org

1. Give yourself time
Daily life habits are so-called routine work, and incorporate time to exercise in it. Anyway absolutely for 30 minutes every day, please keep securing time to absolutely exercise no matter what happens. Because it is under the diet failure that the time to exercise is not built in the first place in the same life every day and fail because it does not secure the thing "absolutely time spent only for myself" It seems reasonable.

2. Get rid of those clothes you are wearing when you are fat
If it is fat at the present time, since the clothes themselves should only cover clothes that hide their body shapes, do not turn your eyes off from the reality, do not wear those fat clothing. For that reason, to prevent it from being withdrawn from the diet, clothes that hide their body shapes can be put in a tance and put on a tape so that it can not be put out.

3. Prepare yourself for an attractive reward
With regard to your rewards you give to yourself when you succeed in losing weight by dieting, not a bit of a fun, rather than a fancy offering of a higher level, for example buying a large TV, or arranging a new dining set It is said to be prepared for an attractive reward that only motivation comes out anyway.

4. Because I will not continue alone, everyone will do it
To include friends, neighbors, work colleagues, families that need to lose weight as well, and to establish an agreement that keeps watching the condition of diet each other. It is also effective to post your honest weight on your online profile.

5. Stand up in front of the mirror
When everything goes wrong, he seems to be standing in front of a life-size mirror naked naked, sideways from the front, and even the whole body in a mirror. It seems that motivation can be preserved by checking your nakedness at every angle at least once or twice a week in this way.

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