Even if it looks like various photos of real quality quality vector art

Although it looks like a picture when you see it at once, there are various examples that it is not actually a picture. None of this is also quite a level.

Browsing is from the following.



A woman in clothes


Other astonishing examples are from the following page.

These are not photos - UADDit

As you can see, it seems to be "I converted it from vector to vector art in reverse?", But the procedure on how actually it is explained earlier in the following article.

Illustrator creates realistic vector art like photos - GIGAZINE

In addition, strong man who painted realistic landscape was also present in the past.

Landscape painting made over 500 hours with Windows "Paint" - GIGAZINE

It takes time to feel distracted, but it does not seem to be a thing I can not do ... ....

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