"Life After People" depicting what happens to the earth after the destruction of the human race

What will happen to the earth if mankind suddenly disappears from the earth forever? What about ecosystems? Does the industrial society that human beings have built remain or will they collapse instantly in pieces? A certain answer to those questions is the American CATV which can see historical-related and cultural-related programs all day long "The History ChannelBroadcast at "Life After People"The program.

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Life After People - The History Channel

Chernobyl comes out in Ukraine as part of the actual contents below, as an example. It is a valuable sample that people suddenly ceased suddenly for about 20 years in fact due to nuclear accident.

In the program, other abandoned skyscrapers will become ecosystems including birds, rodents, plants and the like in hundreds of years, that bridges and buildings will crumble and crumble, What will happen to the animals kept as the earth, how to live if you become the last human being of the earth, and so on are said to be introduced.

Features include film level visual effects and supervision by botany, ecology, biology, geology, climatology, archeology experts, etc. This ultimate hypothesis, considerable to the earth after the annihilation of mankind It is said that it carries out advanced support.

This, JapanHistory channelSo when do you broadcast?

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