"Gegege no Kitaro's Chanchan Sand" that appears also in animation Taste Review

In Kansai, "Gegege Kitaro no Chanchan Sand" appearing in Gegege no Kitaro 40th episode "Great Fever! Kitaro Goods" broadcasted from 6:30 this morning was commercialized by Yamazaki made bread and sold So I tried it.

Details are as below. A stripe pattern like Kitan wearing Kitaro.Previously eaten Kitaro breadJust like a youkai Samikuji sticker comes with one.

I tried to break the sand and it looked like this.

Omikuji sticker was a "bad guy" fellow.

Since cream is sandwiched between soft fluffy sponge, it has the same taste as roll cake. It is not suitable for eating as a meal since it is not so much, but it is a satisfying taste as a snack. Is not it a good amount for children?

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