Hundreds of inhabitants in Argentina witnessed the UFO, finally the air force started investigating

At around 22:30 on Monday in Argentina's city called Rioquart, we saw a strange flying object shining by hundreds of inhabitants moving in the unlikely movement and moving through the night sky, to local radio stations and television stations At the end of the report by telephone, the Air Force finally began investigating and I am considering asking NASA for cooperation. The reason is that during that time there was no plan to fly either the military or the civilian, and the flying object did not respond to the call by the air controller.

Details are as below. UFO? Argentine Air Force investigated "No response to radio" - International

Argentina: Locals Claim Seeing UFO in Rio Cuarto

Argentina: NASA To Look Into Rio Cuarto UFO?

This mysterious flying object does not respond to a radio call from a local air traffic controller, and according to the witnesses' eyewitness story, it was shining more intensely yellowing than the satellite, so the movement is fast, east to west It flew to and disappeared. This flying object has been seen not only by local residents but also by air traffic controllers at Rio Quart Airport, and it seems that the military is considerably emphasizing this fact. Therefore, if necessary, we are requesting cooperation from the National Space Activity Committee (CONAE) and the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA).

According to the military spokesperson, it is confirmed that there is no application to fly in this area during this time period, and if it is not an airplane which is common, it is not "a mistake of observing the satellite". As an army, it is not saying "it is a UFO (unconfirmed flying object in the sense of an alien or such anymore)", but something unconfirmed (unknown, unidentified flying object in an original meaning) " It is said that, what on earth is it?

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