"Akismet.inc.php" to introduce anti-spam plugin "Akismet" to PukiWiki

Since vandalism against Puki Wiki is increasing from the beginning of the year with a tremendous momentum, I thought that there are any effective means ~, and as a result of looking around variously, "SONOTS Plugin"Akismet.inc.php" distributed at the time was so powerful that I decided to use it. Whether it's worth introducing something if you are using something on PukiWiki and who are suffering from spam.

The actual introduction procedure details are as follows.
Introduction of spam filter Akismet

Since it seems necessary to prepare two "WordPress API Key" and "reCAPTCHA API Key" as preparation, we will register. First from "WordPress API Key". Let's access the following address.

API Keys WordPress.com

Click "Sign Up"

In "Username", enter your favorite user name with 4 or more alphanumeric characters and enter the password in "Password". Enter the same password again in "Confirm" for confirmation. Enter your email address in "Email Address", select "Legal flotsam", select "Just a username, please." And click the "Next" button.

Registration is completed when this page appears. Since mail arrives at the e-mail address you entered earlier, let's receive it and check it.

It is API key which needs to be written behind "API Key:". Get it done with this.

Next let's get "reCAPTCHA API Key". Go to the following page.

ReCAPTCHA Admin Login

Click "Sign up" to the right of "New to reCAPTCHA?"

In "Username", enter your favorite user name with alphanumeric characters and enter the password in "Password". Enter the same password again in "Confirm Password" for confirmation. Enter your e-mail address in "E-mail", enter two English words of the image displayed in the part marked "Are you a human?", Click the "Sign up now!" Button at the end I will.

Let's enter the domain name that uses the acquired Key. If you want to use both "a.hoge.com" and "www.hoge.com", you can register by "hoge.com". After inputting, click "Create Key".

It is a key used by "Public Key" and "Private Key", so copy and save it.

Next, download "akismet.inc.php" from the following.

Plugin / akismet.inc.php - SONOTS Plugin

After downloading, place it in PukiWiki's "plugin" folder and I usually use itText editorOpen "akismet.inc.php" with.


Next, open "pukiwiki.php" in PukiWiki's "lib" folder with a text editor,With reference to hereI add it as follows.

When finished, upload "akismet.inc.php" in the "plugin" directory and upload "pukiwiki.php" in the "lib" directory and overwrite it. It is complete.

Whether or not it is actually working can be confirmed as follows by adding "index.php? Cmd = akismet" to the address of PukiWiki you are running.

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