The boys who entered the robber killed pet cats in the microwave oven, criticized on the net successively

"When I chin it in a microwave oven trying to dry a pet's cat, she died, so if the lawsuit is raised that the owner said it was not written in the instructions, the company lost the case and the owner's manual of the microwave oven later It is said that the notice "Do not put pets" is written "Famous urban legendSo there is no record that such a lawsuit actually occurred, but an incident occurred in Canada that reproduced this urban legend in its entirety. However, it was not the owner who put the cat in the microwave oven, but the four boys who broke into the house.

Details are as follows.
'I think those kids should rot in jail'

Murder cats in the microwave ovens and blast on the net International News: AFPBB News

A robbery incident by four boys occurred last month in Cameroes, Alberta, Canada. They just tried to steal money but also pet cats kept in the house in a microwave oven heated and killed, according to AFP communication, boys said "with a pen on the kitchen cabinet" cute It's a cat, look at the inside of the microwave oven, "he says he was doing scribbling.

Three 15 - year - old boys and one 13 - year - old boy who ran into the bad guys. Two of the boys go to Camrose High School and a guardian who knows the boy says, "It was a very respectable parent and a wonderful family, I do not understand why he did this." Comments of criticism against boys and others on SNS 's net including Facebook are erupted, extreme comments such as "Should be shot dead", "It is a human like a monster, I can torture" are also posted, real names also It seems that it was made public.

It seems that the police closed down the site by giving a warning to the person who posted the name because publishing the names of the boys of the criminal violates the laws of Canada. According to Camrose police, those who posted these names will not be prosecuted.

The boys are charged with a crime of killing a cat and a trial is held in February.

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