360 degree panoramic photos of various cities in the world that celebrated the New Year as seen in QTVR

It is about the New Year when the New Year came around soon after school started to work as of the 9th on the 9th. In the moment when the New Year celebrated I think that it was a shrine at the Hatsubo shrine or participating in some countdown event, watching TV, sleeping and so on.

How was the New Year's moment in overseas cities,QTVRYou can see it in the 360 ​​degree panoramic picture of.

Details are as below.
London, far awayWestminster PalaceYaBig BenIs visible.

What is shining blueLondon Eye.


Rio de Janeiro. this isCopacabana CoastWhether people gather and see fireworks.

It's not for this year, but in New YorkTimes Square. The countdown here is famous, and in 2005 the 700 thousand visited the countdown in Times Square as 100 th anniversary.

Milwaukee. Compared with others it feels plain.

In SwitzerlandZermatt.

Being beautiful and fantastic New Year 's Day.

Other cities can be seen from the following.
New Year 2008 - Sydney - Rio - Amsterdam - London - Hongkong - Taipei - 360 degree Panoramas

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