The most expensive pet top that you can obtain legally 13

It is the most expensive pet that you can obtain legally. There is a price that does not go very well from the price that is reasonable to a certain extent.

It is surprising that Japanese macaques that frequently look on the scene of rampaging with sunlight etc. are traded at such expensive price.

Details of expensive pets are from the following.
No. 13:Bengal (cat)Approximately 9 340 thousand yen

# 12:Japanese macaquesApproximately 396,000 yen

# 11:Squirrel monkeyApproximately 450,000 yen

# 10:Chinese Crested HarezApproximately 45 to 566,000 yen

No. 9:Savanna CatApproximately 45 to 113 million yen

No. 8: Mona Guenon Approximately 680,000 yen

No. 7:De Brazza's MonkeyApproximately 1.1 million yen

No. 6: Striped Ball Python (about 1,130,000 yen)

No. 5:Violet Macaw (Hyacinth Macaw)Approximately 73 to 1.36 million yen

No. 4: Reticulated Albino Type 2 Tiger Python (Reticulated Albino Type II Tiger Python) Approximately 1.7 million yen

No. 3: Female Lavender Albino Python (Lavender Albino Python Female) Approx. 2.26 million yen

No. 2: Chimpanzee About 680 - 730 thousand yen

No. 1: White lions cubs about 15.66 million yen

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