A movie that Hippo rescues a gnaw attacked by a crocodile is a topic

A crocodile biting her hind legs and a gloomy nude that is about to be dragged into the water showed desperate resistance, a movie that two hippos came and saved nu from the crocodile was released It was. The movie has been played over 630,000 times in 2 days from the release and it has become a hot topic.

Hippos Come to Rescue Wildebeest from Crocodile - YouTube

The movie starts from the point where the foot of the gnaw is caught by the crocodile.

Nu moves hard to plunge crocodiles, but the feet are sandwiched between the crocodile teeth.

The novices who have become a group just keep watching crocodiles and friends.

A gloomy face down to the ground without power. Are they dragged into the water as it is? And I think ...


Even if it is dragged into the water, I will continue to resist.

Status of desperate situation.

However, two hippos came there.

Hippo rushed toward the direction of gnu and crocodile.

With the gap of the crocodile in, the glue could escape.

A gruel that goes up to land. Although crocodiles will never follow if you come so far ... ...

From the movie I could see that the geek injured the foot.

In addition, in the comment section of YouTube, it was said that "Hippo was not trying to save Nu, but if Nu was in the water a bit, Kaba would have killed him." Publish moviesKruger SightingsAccording to him, there seems to be much possibility that hippopotamus is highly conscious of territory, and it was considered that nou invaded Hippo territory and was attacked.

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