What is "the top 5 of the animals that have been caught" selected by "Pro Bit Animal?"

A YouTube channel posting a movie that interacts with animals from around the worldBrave WildernessIt is the host of the body and has come into physical contact with various animals by stretching out his bodyCoyote · PetersonHas the experience of having been caught by animals many times so far to experience the "chewing power" of animals. A movie introducing the "top 5 of the most painful animals" selected by such Coyote is published on YouTube.

ANIMALS BITE ME ... a lot.

Coyote · Peterson is a man who wore a hat and beard.

Coyote is a "pro-bite animal", so to speak, "so-called animals," so to speak to a viewer of "pain" when bitten by an animal, various animals have been bite into while photographing Brave Wilderness. "This time I will introduce about the animals that I've picked up and hurt"

"Not all animals hurt," Coyote said. "For example,Fern falconIt was alright when I was bitten by. "

Then CoyoteSabaku Tsuno lizardThe image chewed by you will flow, you will hear the scream of Coyote.

However, "It was not that bad when I was a lizard."

Although Coyote was sometimes bitten by a python ... ...

At this time as well, although blood came out, I say that "You can say that such was almost intact."

"Most of the time when I'm caught is intentionally chewed" to tell you the pain of being caught. "But occasionally there was a case where I was bitten by accident."

"American doctor's cageEven when caught in a cage, "said Coyote. As the name suggests, the American doctor baggage has poison, it causes severe pain when bitten, and in severe cases it may cause anaphylactic shock.

"That was a bad luck, is not it?"

From the three years in which such Coyote appeared in Brave Wilderness, "We announced the top 5 of the most painful animals" was announced.

First place is No. 5. "Well then let's talk about what we did when playing with our best friends in West Virginia"

It was a dog that appeared. Mr. Coyote has experienced being actually chewed as a criminal role from a dog trained in police dogs.

Coyote who strictly wears protective clothing for police dog training.

This innocent dog is a police dog that I'm about to catch a coyote.

A dog chasing Coyote escaping with a brave dash.

The bitten coyote screamed and fell to the ground.

The dog rounds around Coyote's surroundings and drags coyotes.

"Bite power is stronger than imagined!"

Even after the dog released Coyote, it seems that I could not stand up due to brief breath.

"I do not want to misunderstand, but that dog is really nice and nice child, in places other than work," Coyote said.

The fourth anchor was chosen for this animal with a sharp tusk.

"I must calm my soul ... ... I will be bitten from now"

The crocodile who chews Coyote is just 4 years old.

Coyote brought her arm in front of the mouth of the crocodile ......

Gabriel. Coyote who gives a low groan as "Wow!"

"My fang bites deep into my arms and I do not leave at all"

When crocodile is caught, put on water and let go of your mouth. Coyote who caught the limit of pain wears water and slowly pulls her arm ... ...

"Crocodile !!!" The crocodiles close the mouth that they released, and Coyote became attacked by the second pain.

Coyote says he kept being bothered for 7 minutes after all. "I want to make a dog a pet, but crocodiles are a little unlikely when you experience that experience, and there is a danger of infection if caught by reptiles."

It was said that he was chosen the third place was bite by an accident at all. "I can never forget such experiences again"

What made it appearA snake turtle.

It has a strong chewing power and a strong character with a chewy moment of movement and a very quick tortoise.

Mr. Coyote puts a chopper in the mouth of the turtle with the hand attached the wooden stick and shoots the moment when it bite the stick. A companion also seems amazed as "this is crazy."

"1, 2, 3 ......"

The scream of Mr. Coyote rises "Aaaaaaaaa !!!".

"I pass the bar and hold my hand!

Mr. Coyote who asks the companion to accompany "Please water me!"

The companion wears water, but the snake turtle does not show off. "No, it has no effect at all"

As a last resort, I went to a strategy to sprinkle alcohol and surprise the turtle.

Then finally the turtle will release its mouth, and Coyote will save her hands while raising moaning "Ura ア イ!"

After I threw the surprised snake turtle properly back in the aquarium ......

Again, "Cowey who also hurts to pain" and "I thought if the edge of the palm of my hand would be bitten!"

"Ooh, it hurts"

"In that moment, my head was painful due to pain, I could only think of it," Mr. Coyote recalls.

We advised the camera "Do not think about trying to catch a camel tortoise, even if you find it."

It is the second place. "It was a feeling that he was really being tortured."

Coyote says, "I avoided it all the time because I do not want it so much, but since there was a request from everyone, I finally tried challenging ..."

Tagamewas. It is said that it is said to be "Toe Biter (chewing toe)" in the United States, it is known for its extreme pain when it is brawn to have attacks against large mammals and amphibians rather than oneself, and biting.

"It looks like an alien"

Stand by the toes in front of the camera, Koyote picks up the tortoise from the aquarium.

A needle that is in front of the face (Snatch) Is pierced into the meat of the prey, feeding digestive juice and sucking the melted meat is the predation method of the tortoise.

Coyote who decided to prepare "Okay, let's go!" I will catch my toe with a tagger ... ...

I shouted as "Aaaaaaaaa !!!" I dropped the tiger turtle.

"This is the first time a stingful needle is stabbed!" With Coyote.

"It looks like I dropped the block on my toes ...... my toes can not move"

The pain seems to cross the head just by remembering.

And it was the one that was chosen to be the most prosperous place ... ...

It moves around desert with a large amount of legs.

Giant North American CentipedeIt is a kind of a Japanese cabbage called.

"The most painful one in South West"

"It's seven o'clock in the morning, it's the most melancholic," Coyote said. "I will be cheated by this guy from now on,"

However, Mr. Coyote firmly captured the centipede ... ...

I will show the violent mouth to the camera. Centipedade's poison destroys the cell and acts on the nervous system and gives intense pain. It is said that it may cause headaches and nausea, not just bite.

And Gabri. There was nothing in a second or two, and it was thought "Is not it so much?" ...

"Aaaa !!!" Apparently the pattern appears to have pain due to time difference.

"Huh Ng Ngun !! Huh Ng Ngun !!!" raised a violent groaning, holding down his arms.

Finally I could not stand and fell to the ground. "What a pain !!!"

"It looks like they were shot by a gun."

"Aaaa !!!"

"The most pain hurt ever!"

Mr. Coyote who introduced the "top 5 animals that have been caught up to here" said, "Everyone should never come close to such dangerous animals, and the bird animals may have poison and infected As there is a danger of disease, please go to the hospital immediately ".

"Sometimes in the comments section, say" Do you not want to be caught by a white shark? "" Do you want to be caught by a white shark,? "" Lion is? "" Tiger is? ", But that obviously is not caught bad by such a bad guy" Coyote.

"If it is Bigfoot ... ... It might be interesting to try to be bitten."

In the end, we decided to "Be Brave! Stay Adventure!" (Decide to brave adventure!

In addition, Peterson 's other bitterness pictures, pictures of biting poisonous pictures, etc can be seen from the following page.

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