Add a new character and fantasy elements "Yes! PreCure 5 GOGO!" Started February 3

Four years after the "Futari wa Pretty Cure" began in 2004, the PreCure series has grown to become a top class of animation for girls. Before,New series is set to "Yes! PreCure 5 Go Go!"We reported, but Toei released a release on the new series. Start isFebruary 3, 2008 (Sunday)is.

Details are below.
Precure 5 is also a big success in 2008! "Yes! PreCure 5 GOGO!" Broadcast on February 3rd, 2008 (Sun)! (Toei Animation Co. Press Release)

According to the release, the new series also seems to be a sequel to the current "Yes! Precure 5", the current members continue to appear. At present, the atmosphere of the school items centered on the Sanctuary Mières school is dense, but fantasy elements are added in the new series.

The story looks like the following.Be aware that some of the current series of spoilage is included.

There are five Nozomi who Nightmare disappeared and they were sending peaceful everyday. One day, a young boy appears with Nozomi and passed a mysterious letter. "I am waiting at Cure Rose Garden ..." The main "Flora" of the letter disappeared leaving a strange message. The letter turned to Rose Pact, suddenly there appeared new thugs! The boy who handed the letter becomes like a huge bird, flies out with Nozomi, escapes the hardest haircut. Coco and nuts rush to the world of Nozomi again in a new crisis, five turn into new pretty cure with new transformation item, curemo! Five people aim for Cure Rose Garden to unravel the mystery!

In the feeling that I saw the image, the character like a bird like the lower right is the new character "syrup", and the girl whose purple hair is behind is "Milky Rose"? The transformation item has become new, and the costumes of the current members have also changed subtly.

So, "Yes! PreCure 5" seems to be the last episode of the 49th episode broadcast on January 27th. Although it turns out that the series will follow, what kind of ending will we have in the end?

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