A new submarine of the Maritime Self-Defense Force, named "Sureuru"

The first ship of the Maritime Self-Defense Force 2004 FY 2004 submarine was named "Sureuru". Until now, the naming standard of the Maritime Self Defense Force's submarine has been stipulated as "the name of a sea water animal," and it was named "Kuroshio" "Oyashio" "Asasashi" etc. From November 5 "Rui Xiang" was added to the standard, and it became the first bullet.

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Nomenclature / launching ceremony of 2004 Fukushima Maritime Self Defense Force

The Maritime Self-Defense Force carried out the naming and launch ceremony of the FY 2004 planned submarine on December 5, and was named "Oriyu". This name is derived from Blue Dragon in the Four Elephant (Shikata God: Blue Dragon, Suzaku, Xuanwu, White Tiger), and the castle tower on the east side of Heijyo-kyo's "Sora-dori" is also regarded as a similar origin.

By the way, once a warship of the same name as the Japanese Navy "Soryu"Existed. This is an aircraft carrier, a character appearing in Neon Genesis Evangelion,Soryu · Asuka · LangleyIt became the origin of the name of.

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