An unmanned small submarine who was investigating a sinking train in the Russian Revolution encounters "a mysterious creature"

The unmanned small submarine who was investigating the sinking train sank in the lake seems to have encountered a mysterious creature that I have never seen before. When I heard "sinking train" "creatures of mystery", what kind of living thing did the odor of treasure get sluggish somehow?

Details are from the following.
Russian mini-subs scoop up unknown fauna instead of sunken treasure /

It was held in Baikal Lake in East Siberia on 19th June from 1917 to 1923Russian RevolutionI was trying to investigate the sunken train sometimes using an unmanned small submarine and found that a mysterious creature shaped like a shrimp appeared. This living thing is about 8 centimeters in diameter and shaped like lost touch of shrimp and it seems to be thought that it is one of the creatures beautifying the lake, but it is said that it is not known in detail about.

The MIR submarine used in this survey

On the other hand, it seems that despite investigating sunken trains with several units, visibility was too bad and could not be confirmed. It is a pity that there is no photo of a mysterious creature, but I would like you to re-investigate the sinking train survey.

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