Yodobashi camera, public wireless LAN service started at the lowest price in the industry at 380 yen per month

According to the Nihon Keizai Shimbun news report, Yodobashi camera of a major consumer electronics retailer will start public wireless LAN service with a monthly price of 380 yen, the lowest price in the industry this month.

Regarding the available area that I care about, I can use it at more than 6000 spots nationwide, and if I sign an option plan, it will be available at more than 14,000 places.

Details are as below.
Public wireless LAN, monthly 380 yen · Yodobashi new service

According to this article, the public wireless LAN service which the Yodobashi camera starts from the 22nd is monthly usage fee 380 yen, it is the lowest price in the industry as a paid service not requiring a provider contract, and using Apple's "iPod Touch" etc. It seems that we expect to use users to import music and images on the road.

And handles wireless LAN serviceTriplet GateBy using the public wireless LAN network laid by SOFTBANK TELECOM and Livedoor through users, users will be able to make broadband communications at around 6000 places including eating and drinking establishments such as McDonald's and Doutor, hotels, and public transportation facilities.

While listening to the price, the number of available spots is wonderful This is ...

· 14:20 postscript
An official announcement was made from Triplet Gate. Service name is "WirelessGate (R) Yodobashi Original Plan", monthly fee is 380 yen including tax. Yodobashi camera store and website "Yodobashi · dot · comStart accepting on 22nd. By contracting an option plan, it will be available in FLET'S SPOT and it will be available for a total of more than 14,000 sites.

Public wireless LAN connection service "Wireless gate (R)" started selling with Yodobashi camera

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