Ultimate photovoltaic power generation personal computer that can be used even in places without outlet

Because it can generate electricity with sunlight, it can be used even in extremes where electricity can not be used Desktop PC "THE ALEUTIA E1"is.

In addition to being able to operate at ultra low power consumption of 18 watts, solar panels and liquid crystal monitors that can properly supply power are also available.

Details are as follows.
ALEUTIA - The Ultimate Off Grid Computer

According to this page, "THE ALEUTIA E1" has 200 Mhz CPU and 128 MB of memory plus 2 GB of flash memory as storage. In addition to browsing OS on Puppy Linux, you can also browse Excel files etc. It also has a waterproof keyboard that can be folded.

There are 3 ports compatible with USB 2.0, LAN, VGA terminal etc.

There is also an optional 8-inch LCD monitor (resolution 640 × 480) that operates at 10 watts and an A4 size solar panel and lithium ion rechargeable battery that can supply 26 watts of power.

The upper left is the LCD monitor.

Actually starting up.

This is the full set.

Because the main unit price is reasonably priced at 179 pounds (about 40,000 yen), is not it good for those who plan to go to the polar area?

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