A mummy of a dinosaur of 67 million years ago is discovered

Dinosaur mummies have been discovered that are protected by skin that has not yet collapsed and the body tissues and most of the bones remain. By studying the remaining body tissues, this mummy, named Dakota, was founded 67 million years agoHadrosaurusIt seems to have made great progress in research on the skin and exercise capacity of ancient organisms.

The mummy image is from the following.National Geographic News Photo Gallery Mummified Dinosaur Unveiled

A dinosaur mummy discovered in the Hell Creek layer of North Dakota.

Dakota escaped from the predator in some way and waste impurities were removed by rain or falling into the river and it seems that it was made mummified before being eaten by bacteria.

Researchers preparing for CT scan.

In the preliminary survey, Dakota was found to be about 12 meters long and about 35 tons in weight, but it was found to be fast moving, with more CT muscles on the back of the body than with the huge CT scanner, It also became clear that it has strong toes.

Hadrosaurus rendered based on the information that this was revealed.

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