Free wireless LAN packet capture that can operate on Windows "Omnipeek Personal"

It is a well-known software as a so-called wireless LAN packet analyzer, and "WildPackets Corporation's"OmniPeek"LAN analyzer software that integrated" EtherPeek "for wired LAN and" AiroPeek "for wireless LAN). Even the cheapest version218,000 yenAlthough it is the price that it is, it is surprising that the free version limited to personal purpose "Omnipeek Personal"Is present.

The wireless LAN driver that can be installed and operated on Windows Vista / XP / 2000, Windows Server 2003 is Atheros or Intel Centrino 3945, but separatelyDownload driverBy doing so, even if it is other wireless LAN, it can correspond. It supports not only 802.11a / b / g but also 802.11n, so even if you encrypt it with WEP etc, you can analyze it by entering the proper key.

As expected it is free, there are restrictions on the number of adapters to be supported, but considerably restrictions on the other points are loose overall, it was too convenient too much, so it should be unpublishing now ...... Although it is somewhat, it is still open to various software sites overseas and it can be downloaded normally.

So, download destination and appearance of installation etc are from the following.
At the moment you can download from the following site.

Download OmniPeek Personal 4.1 - OmniPeek Personal users to experience how the Omni Analysis Platform pinpoints and analyzes network problems - Softpedia

WinTotal - Software - Omnipeek Personal

A PDF file that explains the manual or the outline of the function still remains on the official website.


FAQ of various functions etc are also left without being erased.

WildPackets - Support FAQs

By the way, according to the attached text file, the function restrictions are as follows.

- Able to capture from a single network interface at one time; - Expert analysis is limited to 25 active conversations; - Is for use on networks with up to 200 nodes; - Does not support matrix switches; - Does not include specialized Gigabit or WAN Analyzer Card support.

It certainly is too overweight unless you use a very good expert way of using ... ....

Install first. Click on it to download it

Click "Next"

Enter user name and company name and click "Next". Both are mandatory.

Please remove the check box and click "Next"

Click "Next"

Check the upper one and click "Next"

Click "Next"

Click "Next"

Click "Next"

Installing ......

Click "Finish"

Because it starts automatically, designate the wireless LAN adapter and click "OK"

Click "New Capture"

Click "Start Capture"

When packet capture begins and packets accumulate to some extent, click "Stop Capture"

It is possible to see logs like this. It is also easy to identify the address of the streaming source file.

You can also filter

Analysis by protocol is also possible

Peer map function is convenient. For example, you can display actual floor map of office on this background and arrange various wireless LAN nodes etc. by drag & drop there. Since it is possible to define the color coding and the thickness of the line under the size of the band and various conditions, it may be quite useful.

Also, it is easy to chart various reports, just choose.

You can also make statistics for each node

Of course, statistics by protocol are also one shot

A summary can also be displayed

If you capture a wireless LAN, the result of analyzing is like this

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