How to download and apply Windows XP SP3 RC1 from Microsoft

Scheduled to be released in the first half of 2008of"Windows XP SP3However, at this stage there are still no opportunities to touch only some beta test participants.

However, using a certain method, forcibly, from Microsoft to Windows XP SP3 RC1 (Release candidate version on November 20thIt seems that it becomes possible to download and install it.

Details of the method are as follows. Please go at your own risk all.
Hack Attack: Get Windows XP SP3 Through Windows Update | dailyApps

First of all, this file (Windowsxpsp3hack.cmd) Is downloaded and executed, several values ​​are written in the registry, and when Windows Update is executed in this state, the system on Microsoft server mistakes this as a beta test participant, and Windows XP SP 3 is included in the update list It is said that it will appear.

I actually downloaded it and tried it. If you press any key, it ends.

Just to be sure, running with "custom". Windows Update in progress ... ... It's hard to finish ...

If you select the "Windows XP" column, there are certainly XP SP3 characters there! Apparently I can do it really, but I am afraid so I could not move forward from here.

For details on what will change in SP3, please see the following.

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