A boy who survived a 1 meter pole penetrating his head

On the human head are important parts such as sensory organs and the brain which is the center of the nervous system, which are important parts of living activities, but in Indian's pole penetrated by a metal pole in the accident of the bus It seems that the boy was able to survive miraculously.

Details are as below.Skewered Indian teen survives 4ft pole rammed through his head the Daily Mail

According to this article, if an Indian student Manish Rajpurohit kun (18) was on the bus, it caused a collision accident with a freight car and the safety bar pierced the skull of Rajpurohit by the impact at that time. Rajpurohit, who was sewn head to the seat by Paul and became in a state where you can not remove the pole unless you slide the head forward, seems to have helped out as much as possible.

I was taken to the closest hospital with a pole stabbed in the head and it was an hour later. As a doctor diagnosed it, no abnormalities were found, so an emergency operation to remove the pole in 3 hours was done. According to the doctor who operated the surgery Paul stabbed it seems to have avoided all important parts of the brain.

Manish Rajpurohit who revived the miracle.

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