A female teacher is arrested as having teddy bear named "Muhammad"

In Sudan, to the teddy bear "Muhammad (Mahomet)"A British female teacher was arrested. Since idolizing Muhammad is regarded as an insult to Muslim, this teacher seems to be sentenced to 40 flights or fine after being imprisoned for half a year.

Details are as follows.
Mr. Gillian Gibbons from Liverpool (54) was arrested.

The responsibility of Gibbons is to teach about animals, the theme of this year was a bear. So, Mr. Gibbons seems to have used a teddy bear from one of the students for teaching. I started teaching from August, and the problem occurred in September. We decided to give a name to the teddy bear, and eight names such as Abdullah, Hassan, Muhammad remained in the candidate. Gibbons asked 23 students to choose from candidates, 20 people picked Muhammad and the name was decided. In the class, it seems that children took a teddy bear home and wrote a diary, but in that diary he says "My name is Muhammad" and so on.

This matter became clear as a result of complaints sent by the Sudan Ministry of Education from several parents, and Gibbons was arrested. According to the school's principal Robert Boulos principal "This is a very sensitive matter ... Professor Gibbons is not malignant and I did not intend to insult Islam." The police confiscated the book used in the class and heard that they talked to the girl of the owner of the teddy bear. The school is closed until January feared for retaliation.

Muslims prohibit idolatry, such as the portrait of Muhammad, and breaking this is deemed to be an insult to Islam. According to Sudan's media, the contempt of religion and faith is stipulated in Article 125 of the Criminal Code. There was no comment from the Ministry of Education or the Department of Justice regarding this.

The principal Boulos seems to be convinced that Professor Gibbons will not be imprisoned.

In 2006, a manga that satirized Muhammad in a European newspaper was posted and sometimes became a big problem because it is an insult to Muslim.

Muhammad caricature cartoon issue issue - Wikipedia

As religion is a problem that should become nervous, this teacher may not have been a little careful ....

11/30 additional note
The Sudanese government said that after a hearing of seven hours, Gibbons told Mr. Gibbons 15 days in a ban on expulsion outside the country.

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