Headline news on November 26, 2007

"International Nico Nico Film Festival" which recruited works from creators gathering in Nico Nico DougaThe first selection result was announced. The Grand Prize selected from the total number of 204 works is "Santa hunting". And for the Otsuki prize "Natto hair setting"Horse, the prize is"Besides, it is a metation (Haniwa animation)The prize money was allocated to each. It seems that the 2nd meeting will be held soon, so acceptance of application will be started on Saturday, December 1 and closed on Tuesday, December 11th. Would not it be okay for creators who remember in their arms to apply for prizes after applying?

So, tomorrowNovember 27. Based on the will of Alfred Nobel in 1901, the first Nobel Prize award ceremony took place, and in 1966 Japan's first international marathon championship was held in Fukuoka city. In 1998, Sega launched "Dream Cast", a home game machine. In addition, besides Yoshimune Tokugawa who was also the source of the general torpedo boy was born in 1684, Bruce Lee was born in 1940, a genius guitarist Jimi Hendricks in 1942.

Today's headline news.
Membership system Electronic money market "Weak market" management continuation report L & G started bankruptcy proceeding Large bankruptcy preliminary decision received | Teikoku Databank [TDB](Economy, the source of "yen market" using electronic money "yen heaven")

Business Media Makoto: Revenue No. of Italy. 1 is a mafia!(Note, the boss of Sicily Mafia arrested)

I made "compressed newspaper" - pha's neat diary(Internet service, combining news and preparing sentences)

Two conflicts over the amendment of the copyright law · Mutual distrust of lack of "compassion" Internet - latest news: IT-PLUS(Copyright, compassion for creator is insufficient)

Radiohead's new song distribution site where users decide album price(You can purchase new songs of mobile, Radiohead settled in i mode)

How did the over-the-counter price change with DoCoMo's "Value Course" introduction?(The display method differs depending on mobile, store)

SOFTBANK strengthens anti spam measures from December(Mobile, countermeasures for impersonation mail etc)

DoCoMo launches an emergency bulletin service "area mail" on December 10(Mobile, e-mail to let you know at the time of earthquake)

Who does your voice look like? "Voice cheerfully" on mobile - ITmedia + D Mobile(Mobile, check which celebrity's voice resembles)

Mobile mode, 16 GB CF etc. with transfer speed 47 MB ​​/ s(Hardware, also supports ReadyBoost on Windows Vista)

ITmedia + D LifeStyle: "Bush" headphones, from Evergreen(Hardware, when the world's wind is cold)

Twelve addons to slow Firefox | miki eto's memo(Software, giving priority to light actions or giving priority to convenience)

Plastic puzzle - [how much you] Ecology report(Garbage, plastics are flammable or incombustible)

CNN.co.jp WWF catalogs "Christmas gifts for the earth" - Business(Overseas, expensive dedicated catalog only)

CNN.co.jp "World Record" by the number of beer mugs carried, 20 pieces - a speech(Overseas, weighing up to 50 kg in total)

CNN.co.jp Topless female 40 people protesting at the pool Gender inequality - spoken story(Topless in overseas, public pool rather than at home pool)

Escalator: Yokohama Subway "Do not Walk" Structurally Unexpected - Everyday jp (Mainichi Newspaper)(Memo, people who are in a hurry can only run up the stairs)

Both mail and conversation prohibited Municipal board of education, to create new standard with personal information (Sankei Shimbun) - Yahoo! News(Security, attention is necessary, but it is not a fundamental solution)

NIKKEI NET (Nikkei Net): major news - important news in each field is posted(Security, Japan is Spy Heaven)

GameSpark - Wii Remote Control Light Saber Attachment Released?(Game, if you swing it is dangerous so the length is short)

Dennouzono | Toro Station - 07/11/26(Rolly appeared as a guest of the information program within the game, PS 3 software)

Next Generation Turtle: Definition of the shaking HD game. "CoD 4" is only 600 P?(There are surprisingly many games with low resolution when you count the number of pixels, one by one)

It is hard to buy this light novel! - Something Orange(Novel, a cover of a light novel that is hard to bring to a cash register)

Living · "Before the world stops thinking completely" Tatsuya Mori's story(People kill people with media, goodness and justice and kindness)

Jump square: sold out successively, the first time in history 100,000 copies retroactive unpunishment The reason for the big hit to overturn ... (Eitande Web) - Everyday jp (Mainichi Shimbun)(Manga, Important is from the next issue)

F1 communication: Michael Schumacher wins Massa's cart competition(Motorsport, strong Schumacher even in go-kart)

First in history "Winning in inevitable victory" at Chiyo Hiroshi Hakko - MSN Sankei News(Sports, the victory is decided before the action)

Mysterious circumstances of Japan and the world over "National Sports"(Sports, sumo was not a national sport)

From when did the buddies become signs of "reflection"?(Memo, the present is missing as a sign of reflection)

What should we do when we encounter an alien?(Memo, advice by UFO researcher Junichi Yaoi)

Byozine | ^^ |: The way and secret to be posted on that popular site suddenly(If you have interesting information, please do not hesitate to contact)

Total indefinite note: If you get money you are not amateur(Net, Tsundere Karuta problem caused the ima MAD neighborhood to be messed up)

In the world of erospam mail "Mega boom" arrived - Ameba News [Ameba news](Security, even mega would not get caught)

2 Channels live broadcasting: McDonald's cost list(The cost of food and drinks is endless and cheap)

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