Headline news on 17th December 2007

Wanted to sell product ideas you want to sell with MUJI "Fancy no markFrom the first commercialization of "Transparent sticky notes that can be read while stuckIt will be sold from Thursday, January 24, 2008. Since it is transparent it is not obstructive to stick a sticky note so that the lower one can be seen, and the size is a paperback size of 140 mm × 95 mm. It is said that it can be written with water-based ballpoint pen and pencil. Price seems to be 20 sheets and 525 yen including tax.

So, tomorrowDecember 18. In 1898 the unveiling ceremony of Saigo Takamori in Ueno Park was held, in 1969 the UK abolished the death penalty. In 1987 the first Final Fantasy was released. Also, in addition to Edwin Armstrong, inventor of the FM broadcast, was born in 1890, Kon Koh Enomoto, a film director, Stephen Spielberg, who became a model of the poor god appearing in "Momotaro Dentetsu" in 1947, I was born in the year.

Today's headline news.
A case where SEO dealers write a number of search engine spam articles on CNET "reader blog"(Spam, already problem articles are erased but quite interesting case)

Asahi.com: North Korean movie copyright, no obligation to protect North Korean side claims dismissal - society(Copyright, obligation to protect does not occur in Japan and morning without diplomacy)

Web production requires too much skill! : Alfalfa mosaic(Skill, you can master the means to find solutions)

Users who touched on the mixi administration rewriting the user's diary without permission, the ID is frozen. - Kensaku diary(SNS, anger to delete without reason to delete)

"You can say what you can not say real on the net", but this is not a separate property of the net - ARTIFACT @ Hatena type(Communication, you can say what you can not say normally if you are in a different place with your regular human relations)

Experiences and experiences highly likely to degrade someone should be positively verified - ARTIFACT @ Hatena system(Proof, fishing certification or say that if there is a strange part to point out)

Difference between commentary by Ito Midori and Shizuka Arakawa - My turn(Commentary, Shizuka Arakawa is the only commentator who was active in the current scoring system, so Tsukkomi is fine)

Bloggers will die and leave a blog. "Friends" to Live on the Internet Space - Nikkei Trendy Net(Blog, it seems that handling of accounts will be a future problem because it was already said from the beginning)

"Buddhism colorful!" Tokyo Bose Collection "Topic! - The story tone news Isa!(Religion, monks who wear this morning color raise Buddhism by rap etc.)

Government prohibits witchcraft by law www magician tears wwwww: Alfalfa mosaic(What do you do when the magician flows out of the country?

Problem of joining Goldman Sachs: Alfalfa mosaic(Entrance examination, hard to solve if the head is hard)

3800 youth in New York is homeless = survey exciting news(Overseas, 3800 homeless people under 24 years old)

Asahi.com: "Oceans 11" is cool, medium 3, thieves - society(Note, a different movie is going to be created)

Car color expresses owner's character = Australian website Excite News(Although it seems like an image for automobile, just color)

Slashdot Japan Japan name car katana "re-arrives at Choro Q after shaving aluminum(Memo, it's too amazing to look like Choro Q)

Unheard of Star Wars figures (Forces themselves etc.) Gizmodo Japan (Gizmodo · Japan)(Make a note, make it into a figure properly)

Tea Fairy Overseas: Anime fans talk about "Anime shy looking" - livedoor Blog (blog)(Anime, feeling not much different from the feeling of Japan)

Game & Information Blog (SF & NF): An article that is being denied from overseas weekly review of Higeto.(Game, new Gran Turismo seems to be popular)

"Metal Gear Solid 4" won the Excellence Award of the Agency for Cultural Affairs Media Arts Festival, the reason for which it won the prize was released -(Game, why you could win a prize though it has not released)

A successful bid international news AFPBB News 100 times the purchase price of a game software that a father has entered at the net auction(Game, awesome premier price)

Reading gee 【Should I publish it on PS 3 or 360?】(Game, comparison of the number of releases of multiple deployed software)

Game exceeds music sales in the UK - 2007 - iNSIDE(Game, it is predicted that the game will sell next year too)

【2ch】 Nikkyo Thread Guide A parent finds the child viewing erotic images of the game and reports it to the police officer(Net, because the child saw the administrator to appear at the police)

Gallagher is equivalent to "● ● fee"? Comic gumbo from the original editorial Inner action: daily Saizo(Manga, manuscript fee per page seems to be about the price of CD album)

Mr. Fukumoto From FR · NEO RE Kuroda Yasuharu · Kuramoto Fusako sensei is a brush for "Urusei Yatsura" heroine "Lamb"! It is!(Manga, Kohata seems to be drawing ordinary)

Comic market 73, ROM catalog released. It seems to be selling better than usual(Comic, each place sold out sold out)

Tomorrow: I first decided to go to Comiket for the first time(Comike, knowing when you go to Comike)

Delicacies with pretty girl card "Battle! Okitama" released! The taste ......(Food, feeling that there is nothing more)

What book I'm reading does not know which Todai students you are reading surely(Reading, secretly Nishio Ishinha is included)

Get free copy terrestrial digital broadcasting receiver "FREEO" that shakes the broadcast industry: ITpro(Hard, record terrestrial digital broadcast that can be copied any number of times)

【School of Verification】 Does the instantaneous adhesive Alon Alfa really stick at the moment? | Funny Community Edge count(Memo, moment is unexpectedly long)

MUSIC ROOM - Anison Blog - 2007 Anison & Voice Actor Single CD Sales Summary(Anime, mostly tie-up songs on the top)

CNN.co.jp: Christmas cards arrive in 93 years, Kansas(Memo, where it was until now is a mystery)

CNN.co.jp: Bill for Slot Machine Removal, Request for US Suicide Suicide Submission(Overseas, suicide people by gambling addiction)

@nifty: Daily portal Z: I want to make a knob like a pocky(Food, finished photos look pretty good)

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