Headline news on November 13, 2007

I applied last week.Predicting the end value of the dollar yen ASK rateCyber ​​Agent FX campaign to cover 10 million yenHowever, looking at the application status graph, it seems that the number of applications is currently the most concentrated in the first half of 115 yen. Some people are making bold expectations, such as 11 yen range or 518 yen range, but it seems that there are not a few impossibilities indeed.

Since we have already passed November 10th, the expected value will not be correct unless it is perfect, but it will be rather advantageous as the data of price movements gather accordingly. It seems that distribution of alert mail that can be registered just by entering a mail address also started newly, so if you want to wait until the deadline, do not forget to sign up if you use it.

So, tomorrowNovember 14. In 1690 the Mito clan 's Muto Tokugawa retired on account of his illness, in 1918 the Czech Republic declared the Republic of Czechoslovakia. In 2002, the final story of TV animation "Pocket Monster" was aired. Also, besides being born in 1840, Claude Monet, a painter known for the series of water lilies, Atsuko Tanaka was born in 1962, a voice actor famous for the role of Kusanagi element of anime "Ghost in the Shell".

Today's headline news.
EBank Silver, final deficit of 5 billion yen · mid-September, valuation loss at sub-prime(Countermeasures by raising commission as banks subprime loan got a loss of 3.5 billion yen)

Reason why Google chose me (Road to CEO): NBonline (Nikkei Business Online)(Google, Google's vice president and reason for being chosen as president of Japan corporation)

Asahi.com: Continue to be hanged 100 times "Mikorba Kimi" paid work - Living(Doll used for collision demonstration of traffic safety, pop-up accident)

Since the Russo-Japanese War! "Shosyu Maru" for the first time in 100 years SDF accessories (Sankei Shimbun) - Yahoo! News(Medicine, first named "conquered circle" with the meaning of conquering Russia)

On Off and Beyond: Terrorist Investigation by American Otaku Power(Investigation, bleeding efforts and results of blood to capture terrorists)

Cold chill to the phenomenal price drop of notebook computer - Nikkei Trendy Net(Because business and PC got popularized to some extent, it became not to sell)

Food price increase, worry from frenzied price - SAFETY JAPAN [Mr. Takuro Morinaga] - Nikkei Business Publications, Inc.(Business will come down to manage some price increases)

Electronic Family Register: Disappearing Deceased Person who remained "Realization Difficult" Ministry of Justice - Everyday jp (Mainichi Shimbun)(Government officials, names of people who died before computerization disappeared in the new family register)

Death stalker Lieutenant retirement 20 million Aichi prefectural police - MSN Sankei news(Police, lieutenant who committed suicide by stalking acts death retirement treatment)

Painful news (No ∀ `):" Lose on ride "" Skin retentive "Functional ranking that you want to add to a car as seen from a woman(Car, scared if you can do such a thing)

VIPPER I: I will expose the lowest model on mobile phones(Mobile, bought newly and cries if software is shabby)

Really like a pen, pen + mobile phone Gizmodo Japan (Gizmodo · Japan)(Gadget, designed to be a spy tool)

NY Municipal Council, "Feeding pigeons make fine 110,000 yen" Suggest legislation Excite News(Animal, it's a great price setting)

★ Electric Potlatch ___ ___ 0(Memo, the past will be beautified in any age)

People who can not study · Bad people - Slow Jamz(Features of learning, people who are not good at studying or those who make mistakes as soon as they solve problems)

Rough treatment which loses "eh" or "that" during presentation | Lifehacking.jp(Presentation, last resort to record your actual presentation)

The world of the net also goes to Anshaku! Human relations of "Within 1 radius of a radius" - Nikkei Trendy Net(One click of the net and the net is quite wide)

Discourse signs in youth language - earth words village(Words, it is · · · · · · · · different · something · · · so · so · after that · then)

Rambus Q: Japan's transformation game selected by overseas site · Best 5(Game, convincing lineup)

When Nintendo makes a scale, it becomes like this - "Wii Fit" Experience Story - iNSIDE(Game, experience review at Games Japan Festa 2007)

I'm Game Express @ Blade: 【DS】 "Dragon Quest IV" Shipment restrictions from manufacturer before release! Is it?(It may be better to reserve those who want on game, release date)

Reimoroshimeumimaa: Looking back on the game industry in 1995(Game, Playstation and Saturn released)

Noise of new model "PS 3" - Try examining power consumption(Game, new model sound is quiet)

Community for gamers widows 'Gamer Widow' 100 SHIKI.COM(Internet service, site for those who divorced due to too much game)

【2ch】 New speed quality self-sufficiency of excellent original man = 540 yen Self-sufficiency of excellent drawing manager = 840 yen This knowledgeable(Animation, what happens if it is not excellent)

Asahi.com: "All things become animation", Akira Takeda - Television · Radio · Culture · Entertainment(Anime, claiming that it was a lie if it said that it was completely denying the influence of animated crime and animation and game and "I watched TV")

Slashdot Japan | Google Inc., sued by patent infringement(Patent claims that it infringes a patent on a method of searching and acquiring information from a large-scale distributed database)

Boy threatening video on YouTube, confined to police - ITmedia News(Memo, announcing massacre in the school)

Everything Score: A 33-year old married married with a 10-year-old female dog and is blessed by many villagers(Overseas, a man dare to marry a dog)

Leave blind patient in park Osaka Prefecture Sakai City hospital staff (1-3 pages) - MSN Sankei News(Memo, neglect because it was refused receipt at home)

TDR ticket fraud hits 100 million yen, spreading nationwide - MSN Sankei News(Memo, collected with fake ticket resale)

800 thousand books are free in the 3 days and it is free ... Kochi (Mainichi Newspaper) - Yahoo! News(Memo, people who load in light tigers also appeared)

Chira back NEWS ... _ ت: Takeoko no Sato vs Mushrooms mountain The Last Final Revenge Match Returns Okabe(Food, it can not be fixed forever)

Painful news (No ∀ `):" Coupon usage rate is more than expected ... "Mos Burger falls into the deficit(Food and coupons are likely to end at the end of this year)

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