"Muscular meat simple noodle rich soy sauce flavor" is intense thick ashamed by name

I tried "Otomi Meat Dumpling Noodle Concentrated Soy Sauce Flavor" which was released from Akashi on October 22. It seems to be a type of cup noodle that must not be eaten before meeting with people, that ingredients such as meat dumpling, fried garlic, and leek are contained in rich soy sauce soup with chicken and garlic taste.

Details are as below. To the lid is a manly catch phrase "fried garlic! Thick soup! Rich mochi watan!"

Open the lid and remove powder soup and liquid soup.

First of all, we just put in powder soup. At this point already a strong scent of nink comes in.

Wait for 4 minutes with hot water.

When time comes, put liquid soup.

Completion if it mixes firmly and puts it in the end at last.

Just a bite eating garlic 's taste gushed in, it feels like ramen for a man. Although heap is thin, it is consolidated and has a response. However, the package which was written "rice cake rice" in the package is thinner and the taste of the soup is dense, so it feels like a lack of volume for a moment. The taste of garlic is too strong so I do not know the taste of soup well enough, but I can recommend it to those who like rich taste ramen, the balance of which is converged in a dense direction anyway.

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