A man who lost his work protests wearing an iron mask

A man who was unemployed in Colombia sewn his mouth and suffered an iron mask and appealed to the government for the desperate economic situation of his family. Despite the rapid economic growth in Colombia in recent years, it seems that the unemployment rate was 10.6% in August this year.

Details are as below.Unemployed Colombian dons iron mask - Yahoo! News

Luis Miguel Aldana, who will be 52 years old, bought shoes for three children instead of paying rent for two months and was kicked out of the apartment in Bogota, the capital of the Republic of Colombia. He is calling out to the government to start the textile industry and work for the health of his wife and child, saying, "Without lending we will get lost in the street." is.

Mr. Aldana currently lives in the neighbor's house, sits on the bed restraining limbs with a chain, "I do not listen to anyone's words and think of iron's mind and expression that I think is my joke is a joke We are doing this performance in order to draw people's attention, "he said from the gap at the mouth.

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