The renewed "Men's Pocky" is tasty and refreshing

I tried a men 's pocky which was renewed on October 2, 2007. Because it is said that it became a crispy texture by baking pretzel with a new manufacturing method called "crisp recipe", I actually tried it.

Details are as below. I did not feel it until "fun full"

The calorie per bag is 180 Kcal

It is two bags as usual

The appearance does not feel unusual from that of the previous one.

Although looks are almost the same as the men's pockies before the renewal, pretzel was a very good texture with a sense of crispness, thanks to the new recipe. Taste is bittersweet, sweetness discreet. I think that it is very easy to eat because sweetness does not remain in the aftertaste and it is refreshing. It is also recommended for people who do not like sweet chocolate.

Men's Pocky | Pocky Street

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