A female player becomes nude and saves the business crisis of the handball club

The Spanish League team, Elda Prestige, was not well-managed and required another 300,000 euros to get through the season. Therefore, it seems that we thought that we would overcome this crisis by publishing nude pictures of female players in magazines. The feeling of leaving the team until then is amazing.

Details and movies from the following. Click on the image to remove the mosaic, but there are many skin color components, so be careful when browsing.

Naked sportswomen try to save handball club

In Elda, a town in Alicante Province, Valencia, Spain, there is a handball team called Elda Prestigo. The team is also a member of the Spanish League, but the business situation is not good, and a budget of 300,000 euros (approximately 50 million yen) is needed to survive the season. They had to get some sponsorship, and they couldn't come up with a good idea. The sponsoring campaign they took was to publish a nude gravure in the magazine.

The interviu article, completed by 12 out of 14 players, has a great reputation and in the town of Elda it seems that magazines are sold out on the day of release. Thanks to that team was able to work out the cost until the end of the season. Was good.

The article looks like this.

Article up part one.

Article up part 2.

Several other photos seem to have been used.

The movie is here.
Tu.tv-Videos-El equipo femenino de balonmano de Elda

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