A glasses-type wearable monitor with a weight of only 30 grams "Teleglass T4-N"

The standard price of "Teleglass (Telegrass) T4-N" is 134,400 yen (including tax), and it will be on sale from October. It is also adopted by NASA, weighs only 30 grams. The frame is made of titanium, it is a long-established glasses maker of the foundation Meiji 38 yearsMasunaga Eyeglass Co.He seems to be working on it. For that reason, with a feeling of wearing that does not differ from ordinary glasses, it does not get tired even when using for a long time. Feelingly there is a large screen of about 45 inches two meters away and it is possible to connect anything as long as it has NTSC video output, so it seems that you can also use the iPod.

Details are as below.
Telegrass [Teleglass]

The conventional wearable monitor has a disadvantage that the goggle type like the underwater glasses is mainstream, the lens part is heavy and it is not clear the surrounding situation, but this time by the world's first miniaturization technology, the nose part inside the eyeglass lens It seems that it is possible to see the image while confirming the surroundings by attaching a small monitor that displays the equipment and the image to the camera.

Product specifications look like the following.

■ Product Specification
Video input: VBS 1.0 Vp - p 75 Ω (NTSC input)
Audio input: Audio (L / R)
Input impedance: 10 kΩ
Input terminal: 3.5 φ AV input terminal
Video output: Approximately 310,000 pixels (640 (H) × 480 (V)), the video is equivalent to 45 inches 2 m ahead
Audio output: Audio (L / R) 28 mW + 28 mW
Output terminal: attached headphones
Continuous use time: about 4 hours or more
Batteries used: 2 AA size batteries
Operating temperature: 0 ° C to 40 ° C / 10% to 80%
Weight: Approximately 30 g (display module only)
Other: Focus adjustment on the display module, adjustable eye width
Control part: Size 95 mm x 35 mm x 20 mm (not including protrusions)

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