Sony is like GoPro Compact, lightweight · Built-in wireless LAN · New release of action cam "HDR-AS15" that can be operated from smartphones and tablets from October

We announced the release of the HDR - AS15 digital HD camcorder recorder from October 12 as an action cam that enables you to shoot high - definition HD movies by attaching the camera body to your own body, bicycle handle etc etc.

Compact and lightweight digital HD camcorder that can shoot powerful sensory images Action Cam released | Press Release | Sony

Digital HD Video Camera Recorder Action Cam "HDR-AS15" - YouTube

Digital HD video camera recorder "HDR-AS15" main unit

The body weight is only 90 g (including battery) and it is made considerably lightweight, the size is about 24.5 (width) × 47.0 (height) × 82.0 (depth) mm, the continuous shooting time at full charge is about 3 hours 5 Minute (image quality VGA, when used at 25 ° C), Carl Zeiss 'Tessar' lens (F 2.8) with wide angle maximum 170 degrees, equipped with camera shake correction function

Furthermore, since it is built in Wi-Fi (IEEE802.11b / g / n), control such as start / stop of recording can be performed while monitoring from a smartphone or tablet via "PlayMemories Mobile" and transfer is also possible, the movie is also 1920 × 1080 / MPEG-4 AVC / H.264 MP4 standard, and the recording media are Memory Stick Micro (MARK 2) · Micro SD / SDHC Memory Card (Class 4 or higher is recommended).

These adhesive mounts are included from the beginning, and three types of mounting buckles, adhesive bonding for flat surfaces, adhesive bonding for curved surfaces

Waterproof case is also included from the beginning, the waterproof performance is 60 meters deep, the case itself has dustproof and shockproof performance

Headband mount "BLT-HB 1", width 56.0 × height 58.0 × depth 77.5 mm, weight about 91 g (including head strap), head strap length is about 400 to 600 mm, price is 3150 yen including tax

It becomes like this when attached to your head.

The handlebar mount "VCT - HM 1" is attached to the handle of the bicycle and its size is 32.0 mm wide × 113.0 × depth 51.0 mm, weighs about 86 g, the corresponding handlebar diameter is 22 - 32 mm, The attached waterproof case is mandatory, the price is 3150 yen including tax

When I stick it to a bicycle, it looks something like this

The waterproof head mount kit "VCT-GM 1" is 53.0 × height 81.5 × depth 63.5 mm, the body weighs about 69 g, the goggle mount is about 69 g, the headband is about 40 g, the head The length of the band is about 400 - 600 mm, the attached waterproof case is necessary and the price is 3675 yen including tax.

The replacement door pack "AKA - RD 1" has "for underwater use" and "for sound collection", this is for "underwater". Width 64.0 × height 69.5 × depth 15.0 mm, weighs about 35 g, water depth 60 meters.

This is the accessory for waterproof case attached for the attached doorpack "AKA - RD 1" "Sound collection", this size corresponds to width 35.5 × height 67.0 × depth 15.0 mm, weight about 20 g, depth of water 10 m correspondence. Both sets release date is November 22, tax included 5775 yen.

The tilt adapter "VCT-TA 1" will be able to adjust the angle, width 32.5 × height 55.0 × depth 56.0 mm, weight about 52 g, the attached waterproof case is necessary, the release date is November 22 , The price is 3150 yen including tax

Anti-fog sheet "AKA-AF1" which prevents cloudiness due to temperature difference can be used about 200 times per piece in natural drying and comes with 2 pieces, size is 38.5 × width 21.0 × depth 3.5 mm, weight About 3 g, released on November 22, tax included 2100 yen

Grip style LCD unit "AKA - LU 1" is a thing that enables you to take while holding it in hand, check the angle on the spot, monitor and record during recording. Width 42.0 × height 64.5 × depth 102.5 mm, weighs about 135 g, released on January 8, 2013, the price is 10,500 yen including tax.

The estimated market price is around 30,000 yen.

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