Discovering the pornographic work his boyfriend had, furiously shot dead

In Chicago in the USA, she seems to have shot a boyfriend who has been involved for a long time, being furious at concealing porn works.

For the men who are familiar with the world, it may be a little strange story.

Details are as follows.
Porn led to slaying, prosecutors say -

According to this article, a 58-year-old woman named Jeanette Strowder shot a 54-year-old boyfriend Jesse Martin who had been dating for 15 years. The two have lived together for two years and she found that her motive for killing is hiding a pornographic CD containing a woman's nude image in the house.

She also shot the body several times, including shooting his head twice, then crushes his motorcycle headlight and car window in the garage, and on one side of the car nicknamed one of the porn models I'm scratching you. Does that mean that it was confused?

By the way, she has never had a criminal record, but according to the police authorities it means that she could no longer control herself with a shock of finding porn works.

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