Top 10 of the world's largest databases

Even if it says database, there are pins to kiri, but there seems to be quite a big database in the world. By the way, next to gigabyte (GB) is terabyte (TB = 1000 GB), the next is petabyte (PT = 1000 TB).

Details are as below.10th place.Library of Congress(Library of Congress)
It is the largest library in the world in all respects, number of books, budget amount, staff number.
· Collection: 130 million points (books, photos, maps, etc.)
· Number of collections: 29 million books
· Total distance of shelves: 530 miles (about 852 kilometers)
· Digital document: 5 million books
· Text data: 20 terabytes
· 10,000 new items added per day

9th place.American Central Intelligence Agency(CIA: Central Intelligence Agency)
· Comprehensive statistical data of over 250 countries
· Classified information

8th. Amazon
· Number of active users: 59 million
· Data volume: 42 terabytes

7th, YouTube
· Number of viewers per day: 100 million people
Number of movies added per day: 65,000
· Online movie share: 60%
· Data volume: 45 terabytes or more

6th place.ChoicePoint
A database, a credit research company located in Atlanta, Georgia, USA.
· Data volume: Personal data of 250 terabytes
· Information on 250 million people

5th place.Sprint Nextel
A company in the US mobile phone business.
· Database columns: 2.85 billion
· Daily call logs: 365 million
· 1 second call record at peak time: 70,000

4th place.Google
· Number of searchers per day: 91 million
· Internet search share: 50%

3rd place.AT & amp; T
America's largest telephone company.
· Information volume: 323 terabytes
· Number of call logs: 1.9 billion

No. 2 Scientific computer center for energy research (National Energy Research Scientific Computing Center (NERSC))
America'sLawrence Berkeley National LaboratoryOne of the research departments.
· Data volume: 2.8 petabytes
· 2000 computer experts are operating.

First place.World Data Center for Climate(WDCC)
· Web data: 220 terabytes
· Other data: 6 petabytes

All but the No. 1 World Data Center for Climate are American companies or public institutions. It is a little surprised.

Business Intelligence Lowdown: Top 10 Largest Databases in the World

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