Today's repair of "Sega Saturn" and "Dreamcast" paid for repair

Sega's home video game consoles "Sega Saturn" and "Dreamcast" repair will be terminated today.

Household game machine which SNK previously releasedThe factory repair of "Neo Geo (NEOGEO)" has endedWe talked with GIGAZINE, but we can not help but feel a little lonely that gaming machines that built one era will leave one after another.

Details are as follows.
"Sega Saturn" "Dreamcast" Notice of Repair Completed Repair | Topics | SEGA

According to this release, with the arrival at Saga's Sakura Works CS Service Center by September 28th (Friday) today, the main body of "Sega Saturn" "Dreamcast" and the body of the stereo AV cable and power supply cable It seems that repair of parts will be completed.

We have already responded to the repair of peripheral equipment compatible with "Sega Saturn" already, and for peripheral equipment compatible with "Dreamcast", it is necessary to contact Sega's customer support.

Is it possible to correspond even if bringing in directly if it is today?

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