A variety of beautiful images of Google Sky

It is a space image of "Sky" which is an additional function of Google Earth. Pictures of the universe are quite impressive.

Details are as below. How to install and use Goole EarthherePlease refer to.

Switch from Earth to Sky with Goole Earth and search by search word, you can see the nebula, the galaxy and so on. By the way,List of Messier objectsIt may be interesting to try various searches with reference to.

The remnant of the star explosion. It is a long time but it looks beautiful. Search keyword "DEM L 190".

Children's galaxy. Two galaxies look like parents and children. Search keyword "NGC 5194"

Sombrero galaxy. It is feeling made with CG. Search keyword "M104"

Cat's eye nebula. It is a vivid color. Search keyword "NGC 6543"

Spiral nebula. The feeling of spreading is transmitted. Search keyword "NGC 7293"

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