A variety of magnificent universe pictures

There are various galaxies and planets in the universe, all of which are very grand and can feel the greatness of nature. I attempted to collect pictures of the mysterious and spectacular universe in particular this time. There are many things that seem to come out in textbooks, from something that is not well known.

Pictures are as follows.
Antennae Galaxies, which is 55 million light years away from the earth.

Orion nebula, 1500 light years away.

Up of the planet in the Orion nebula.

A tower where cold gas and dust are greatly swelled up, which is called the Eagle Nebula. It is 7000 light years away from the earth and the height of the tower is 90 trillion kilometers.

A picture of a place called "Pillars of Creation" in the Eagle Nebula.

Bode's Galaxy 11.6 million light years away. It is said that the diameter is 100,000 light years.

"Carina Nebula (Kevlar Nebula)" which is 7,500 light years away from the earth. The one that is shining on the right side is called Caterpillar.

Saturn. It is about 9.5 times the size of the Earth and it is very big.

A number of stars located about 26,000 light years away from the earth. It seems that about 150,000 stars are densely populated around here.

3300 light-years away "The Cat's Eye Nebula"

Two galaxies called "ESO 593 - 8" intersect and are shaped like feathers.

You can see other pictures from below.
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