Bulletproof stroller for protecting your baby from danger

In a noisy world where you do not know what will happen, babies who do not have the skill to protect themselves are always in danger. So it seems there are bulletproof strollers abroad. It is possible to withstand violent barrage, and also that light steering is realized.

Details and bulletproof verification movie are from the following.BPB pram - bullet proof stroller

The price is set at $ 599 (about 68,800 yen) with guarantee for 2 years.

When you look at the verification movie, you can see that the baby is securely protected. Because there is an age restrictionaccountIs required.
YouTube - Bullet Proof Baby Stroller

Also on this site items for protecting babies such as body armor and shields are guided.
Bullet Proof Baby

Actually, this protects the baby born from the killer group "Shoot 'em UpPromotion site for the movie. The above movies do not really match the baby to dangerous eyes, so please be careful not to be able to purchase bulletproof items as well.

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