Wikipedia articles reached 2 million articles

The number of articles by the English version headquarters Wikipedia had reached 1 million in March 2006, but it seems that it finally reached 2 million books. Awesome shining ... .... What was the 2 millionth article in the world? And how many articles do you have in the Japanese version Wikipedia you care about at the moment?

Details are as below.
Wikipedia pass two million article mark - Wikinews, the free news source

The article of 2 millionth is kore.

El Hormiguero - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

It seems that 2 million books seemed to be one of about three items before and after this article, but as a result of analyzing the server log, this article said that it was. The content is Spanish TV program, it seems to be contents like a comedy show.

The Japanese version is over 400,000 as of August 10, 2007.

Wikipedia: Announcement / Achievement of 400,000 items - Wikipedia

This is a memorable 400 thousand item in Japanese version.

Weeks Island - Wikipedia

It is one of rock salt dome located in the southern part of Louisiana, USA It seems that the topography formed because rock salt accumulated about 100 million years ago rose by more than 10,000 meters due to buoyancy.

Recently, Wikipedia is getting more and more talked about, but what about going on all together ...?

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