Sisters who kept dead mother for 10 years frozen

When a person dies, buried in the soil to burial the body, incinerate and cremate. However, it seems that there are some sisters in the UK who kept frozen bodies for meeting dead mothers at any time.

Details are as below.
Sisters keep mother's body in fridge for ten years - and visit her every weekend the Daily Mail

The two sisters Valmai and Josephine did not acknowledge that mother Annie died due to venous thrombosis in 1997 and asked the funeral store to frozen until preparing for a funeral. But they never completed preparations for the funeral and continued paying £ 20 a week.

The body of Annie was protected with formalin, but the damage progresses and the skin remains only a little on the upper half of the back of the head. However, the sisters still do not burial the bodies, they say they come to see my mother every Saturday lunch and sit quietly beside the coffin.

Until now they paid 2000 pounds (about 460,000 yen) to rebuild the corrupt coffin four times and spent 800 pounds (about 185,000 yen) to make up the remains. The amount paid to preserve the bodies is said to be about 13,600 pounds (about 3.15 million yen) when all together.

Phillip Saville of the funeral house says, "There is no law that you should not preserve the body after death, but usually you will burial the body after two weeks."

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