Pictures of Russian ceiling which is becoming ridiculous

Actually, this picture, design seems to be a leak like nothing. The neighbor spilled carefully with hot water, it seems that about 200 liters have accumulated on the ceiling.

I imagine if I got up in the morning when I was in this state, I felt a bit scary.

Details are as below.Комментарии. Почему Россияне Любят Натяжные Потолки, Или Как Нас Залили: LiveInternet - Дневники, Новости, Форумы

The ceiling is dripping as the chandelier is distorted.

This time, it has come down as a double.

The chandelier is out.

It seems that water is leaking little by little.

Even so, I think the wallpaper of this sturdy ceiling, on the contrary, is amazing.

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