Sony makes edits about the latest title of Xbox 360 with Wikipedia

CurrentTools to expose authors of Wikipedia "WikiScanner"Is calling up a topic, even in JapanThe Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications and Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology added editingIt is clear that it is clear that Sony has edited the article on the latest title of rival Microsoft's next generation game machine Xbox 360 in the English version of Wikipedia.

What exactly were you editing what content?

Details are as below.
Sony edits Wikipedia, downplaying Halo 3's graphics

According to this article, Sony is the latest game title of Microsoft's next generation game console Xbox 360 "Halo 3It is said that WikiScanner clarified that editing was added to the graphic of WikiScanner. I investigated the IP of the editor and he said that it was from the Liverpool office of SCEE (Sony Computer Entertainment Europe).

Although it is contents edited,According to editing history, It seems that sentences were added in such a form.

But it wont look any better than Halo 2.

"Although (Halo 3's graphic is a bit better than Halo 2)" it seems to be content, but did he have to bother to bother writing such a sentence?

Additional notes
Apparently, "wont" in the sentence seems to be a mistake of "will not", so the meaning seems to be correct as "(Halo 3's graphic is not much better than Halo 2)". It is unnecessarily bad, is not this ....

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