Using a steamed towel makes it possible to get tired of eyestrained eyes

Previously at GIGAZINETired eyes when using a PC exacerbates the eyes at the eyesI told you that it was proved that you can use a steamed towel to get tired of the overuse of using personal computers or to improve dry eye.

Also, it became clear how much time and how much steaming towel should actually be used actually. It may be good news for those who are suffering from tired eyes and dry eyes.

Details are as below.
Demonstration of actual fatigue caused by overuse of eyes in VDT ​​work and warming effect of steamed towel

According to this release, if you compare the ability to adjust the focus of the eyes of those who are working on a VDT (Visual Display Terminal) work that uses a computer for a long time on Friday, Monday and the weekend, as the weekend ends It seems that it has decreased markedly.

And as to the above people, after examining how to heat the eyes with a steamed towel after VDT work, it was examined about about 3 minutes at about 40 ℃ (1 steaming towel was used) It was revealed that the focus adjustment ability recovered by the VDT work is recovered by warming at about 40 ° C for 10 minutes (using five steaming towers continuously) than in the case. Also, as a result of investigating the impression, there are many people who actually feel the effect when warming for 10 minutes compared to 3 minutes at about 40 ℃.

As a result of examining the effect of improving dry eye when wearing eyes with a steamed towel for 27 persons who were diagnosed as dry eyes, it was found that when heating was carried out at about 40 ° C. for 3 minutes (one steaming towel was used), 5 % Improvement in dry eye was observed, whereas in case of warming for about 10 minutes at about 40 ℃ (5 steaming towers continued to be used), improvement seems to be recognized in 36% eye.

In other words, if you warm your eyes for 10 minutes every day with a steaming towel at 40 ° C, will it be a little easier to overuse your eyes by using a PC etc?

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