Tired eyes when using a PC exacerbates the eyes at the eyes

Due to long-term aging and lack of sleep, the color of the skin at the eyes can become darker and "bears" can be made, but it is likely that the bear will deteriorate due to fatigue by work using a personal computer, etc. According to the investigation of the Pola laboratory It seems to have become apparent.

People who are bothered by the eyes of the eyes may want to consider countermeasures of tired eyes.

Details are as follows.
Paula confirms the deterioration of bear due to fatigue by survey

According to this article, the Pola laboratory conducted a questionnaire on 631 female women concerning their eyes, the first place is said to be "a bear under the eyes" given by 27.5% of women.

Then, actually 20 women measured the fatigue of the eyes after making the work using a simple personal computer for 30 minutes, and the eleven people who were in the "fatigue state" whose eyes' focus adjustment function had declined When measuring the brightness of the skin, it seems that the results are as shown in the graph below.

Clearly the brightness of the skin is decreasing.

According to the examination based on the experimental results, it was confirmed that the women who are actually "fatigued" by personal computer work showed that the brightness of the skin under the eyes declines, recognizing that the bear got worse It is suggested that it is suggested. Also, for bears, it is considered effective to prevent and improve fatigue not only by traditional skin care but also by improving rest and eating habits, using supplements, etc.

Apparently tired eyes seem to be not only health, but also an enemy of beauty.

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