A man and a woman after a sound sleep are confirmed to be more attractive than when the sleep is lacking

It is said that sleep is good for beauty, but it seems that there has been scientific basis so far. In fact the face after sleeping all night long and sleep deprivation face, it is done in Sweden that the face after sleeping sound as if the same person was rated as "attractive" from the viewpoint of others It was supported by the research.

Details are as below.BBC News - Beauty sleep concept is not a myth, says study

Stockholm'sKarolinska Medical UniversityResearchers photographed the face of 23 young men and women after 8 hours of sleep and after 31 hours of awakening. Men and women who became subjects were photographed equally with the same hairstyle and expression, the distance from the camera, with no makeup at all for standardization.

Examples of photos after sleep (left) and sleep deprivation (right).

When I showed those pictures to another group of examinees and evaluated their faces, the face at the time of insufficient sleep was evaluated as "tired" with "low appeal" and "not healthy" even for the same subject It is said that it was done.

The result would be that the doctor will also be able to get a sign showing the health status of the patient from the appearance at the medical site.

Professor Derk - Jan Dijk of Sleep Research Institute of Sleep and physiology in the United Kingdom, who is an expert on sleep and physiology, shows that the effect of sleep deprivation on people 's appearance is actually more pronounced than appearing in the picture "The picture used for the experiment was taken in the daytime.In the day the human body clock will encourage awakening, but at night or early morning when the biological clock urges sleep, sleep The deficiency will manifest more clearly in the face of the person. "

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