10 amazing animals already extinct

Tyrannosaurus who once reigned on the ground but was extinct due to human reasons and environmental changes such as the dodo which was extinct in about 180 years after discovery and stellar kaikyu wiped out in 27 years There are 10 kinds of animals. It seems to be making a big noise as I still live quietly somewhere ....

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Tyrannosaurus Rex

One type of dinosaur that was in the late Cretaceous years from 85 million years to 65 million years ago from now, one of the largest carnivorous dinosaurs. It is assumed that the body length is about 11 to 15 m, the body height is about 5 m, and the weight is about 5 to 6 tons. At the end of the Cretaceous period there was mass extinction of life, in which dinosaurs such as Tyrannosaurus were extinct.

There are 20 fossils of Tyrannosaurus found so far, only three are complete.

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Quagga is a type of zebra, and it includes Cape Province of Republic of South AfricaOrange Free StateHe lived in the south a lot. Unlike ordinary zebra, only the front half of the body was streaky and the back side was brown one color. Quagga was overfished for meat and leather, also because its alertness was thin. The last wild individual was shot dead in 1861 and what was later carried to Europe survived, but the last female in the Magistra zoo in Amsterdam died on August 12, 1882 and extinct. The photo above is the only picture of live Quagga, taken in Regen't Park Zoo in London in 1870.

Owl wolves(Tasmanian wolf, Tasmania tiger)

The wolf wolf was a carnivorous marsupial, living in Australia and New Guinea. The Australian mainland owl wolf has been extinct thousands of years ago, but on Tasmanian IslandTasmanian DevilIt remained with unique species such as. However, the number drastically decreased due to hunting incentives, illness, import of dogs, destruction of habitats by humans, etc. The last individual in Hobart 's zoo died in 1936 and died out.

A walnut made of a wolf wolf and a skeleton.

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Although there are sighting information even after extinction, there is no certain evidence.

Stellar Kaikyu

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It is a mammal found in the Bering Sea in 1741, larger than dugongs and manatees, growing up to 7.9 m in length and about 3 ton in weight. It looks like a seal, but it seems to have had a tanque like a forefoot and a whale. It used to be widely living in the North Pacific, south to Japan and California, but it seems that the record that a couple of heads were killed in 1768 was finally extinct. It was only 27 years since the discovery. Steller Kajyu also says that there are occasional sightings in Greenland and others, but the credibility is low.

It seems that the fossil of Stellar kaikyu is one in Kitahiroshima city in the world, and you can see the precious fossil at the following link.

Stellar Kaikyu

Otsunoshika(Irish elk)

Otsunoshika was the largest deer, about 2 million to 7,700 years ago, inhabited the Eurasian continent widely from Ireland to eastern Baikal. The height is about 2.1 m, the size combined with both horns is 3.65 m, and the weight of the tuna has reached 90 pounds (about 41 kg).

Kaspitra(Persian Tiger)

It was the westmost of the tigers living in the west, and it seems to have been in Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Uzbekistan, etc. It was the third largest tiger in the world, but the wild thing was last seen in 1958, and it is thought that it was extinct in the 1970s. The ear was short and small, the cheek's hair was rich. It seems that Male 's Caspitra' s body weight is as large as 240 kg.


Aurox famous as an extinct animal in Europe. Born in India several million years ago, moved to the Middle East and Asia, it seems that it reached Europe also 250,000 years ago. In the Middle Ages, the number decreased due to overfishing and horses as hunting targets, and in the survey conducted in 1564 it decreased to the remaining 38. In 1627 the last female died in the forest of Yakutoffka, Poland. This skull is taken away by the Swedish army and is now kept at the royal martial art museum in Stockholm. It is said that it was alive in West Asia until the 18 th century.

In 1932, Heinz Heck, an animal zoo in Munich, succeeded in restoring by combining cows that had characteristics close to Aurox. This cow is smaller in size than the real one, it is called Heck Cattle and you can still see descendants of this Heck Cattle at European zoo and farm.

Descendants of Heck Cattle. Quite squatting physique.

Oyumin glass

Oyumigarasu was a large size especially in the Sea cucumidae family, 75 cm in length and 5 kg in weight, it was a bird that could not fly. Once used to live in Canada from Iceland to Great Britain, but the number decreased due to hunting, on June 3, 1844Eldai reefOne bird was beaten and killed by a club and one extinct because it was strangled. This pair was holding the egg while the eggs had broken the shell.

Cave Lion(Dokutsu Lion, Hora Ana Lion)

Male fossils found in the vicinity of Siegsdorf in Germany in 1985 were about 1.2 m in width around the shoulder, about 2.1 m in length with the tail removed, and about the same size as the current large lion. It seems that they were inhabited in the Balkans until 2000 years ago. It seems that ancient people were hunting Cave Lion from the cave paintings and their relics, and the reason for extinction may be around that.


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Famous famous Dodo as an extinct animal. It lives on Mauritius (Mascarin islands), lives on the ground because it could not fly, seems to have eaten fruits etc. Muscarinic islands were discovered by the Portuguese in the early 16th century and then overcrowded by settlers, and after the settlers brought in dogs and pigs brought in by the settlers, chicks and eggs were eaten and the number was reduced and witnessed in 1681 It is considered to have been extinct at the end.

Dodo's fossil. There was also one tank made of foam but the management state was bad and it was incinerated in 1755. It seems that only the head and foot are left.

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