A gang group who tried to steal money by digging a tunnel to under the ATM

Although it feels like I saw it with animation or something, a gang group who dug a hole to the bottom of a target and tried to steal it appeared. It seems to be difficult to think with the head though it would be easy, but electric supply and ventilation to the underground seemed to be perfect.

Details of the tunnel image etc. from the following.
Hole-in-the-ground gang dig tunnel to cash machine the Daily Mail

The tunnel dug by the gang group is 60 feet long (about 18 meters) and 5 feet high (about 1.5 meters). The aisle was also firmly reinforced and the entrance was hidden with earth and trees.

However, because it took too long to dig a hole, I was discovered by cable laying company by chance. The tunnel arrived at 20 feet (about 6 meters) to the ATM. The police and the cable supplier who came in were admired by the finish of the tunnel.

The tunnel is scheduled to be plugged with concrete.

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